LTX Software Inc.  designs, writes and supports two add on products for Siemens NX, a CAD/CAM/CAE software tool.  One tool transfers geometry information to and from electrical design tools.   The other is used for schematic capture within NX.

SI2745 – NX EPAK

This product is used to read and write IDF (Intermediate Data Format) files. IDF files are used to transfer geometry and placement data to and from Electrical computer aided design systems such as Mentor and Cadence. The transferred information can then be used for design processes such as interference checking and verification of boss placement.

The typical use for Epak is where you have NX for packaging design, but use a different software package for electrical design and printed circuit board layout. Epak is used to transfer the information between the two packages using two flat files.


This product is a schematics capture tool that allows the user to place devices, create connections between the devices, then generate reports (such as bill of materials and connection lists) for use in downstream processes. Integrated into NX, it uses the same user interface as other NX applications, reducing learning time and increasing productivity.

Schematics is used for wiring diagrams such as those found in equipment such as household appliances, vehicles and aircraft, or the harnesses used in manufacturing equipment.   It is used for capturing piping systems schematics, and can transfer information to and from NX/Routing.  It is not suitable for the design of circuits that will be manufactured using printed circuit boards.

We are a Siemens PLM Partner.

About us.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, LTX Software writes and maintains two Siemens NX products. LTX Software also provides consulting and training for Schematics and Epak. Custom programming using the NX/Open API is also available. Founded in 1992, we have extensive experience designing and writing software.

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